SR161/162/162G AIS Receiver Unit

SR161/162/162G AIS System

SR161/162/162G AIS System

- The SR161 unit is a compact, two-channel scanning receiver with a synthesized VHF receiver that operates in the maritime VHF frequency band. It has been designed to receive and decode transmissions from other AIS transceivers. When the SR161 detects that there is strong interference in the receiving AIS channel, it will switch to the alternative AIS channel for better performance.

- The SR162 unit is similar to the SR161 with one major exception. It is a true two-channel receiver and therefore is able to receive information from both AIS channels simultaneously. It then consolidates the data stream from both channels and transfers the result as output on the serial port.

- The SR162G unit has all of the features of the SR162 but also includes an integrated 12 channel GPS receiver. The GPS receiver connects to the included active GPS antenna via a dedicated GPS port on the SR162. The serial data stream from the SR162G includes AIS vessel traffic information from both AIS channels and GPS position information.

Technical Specification:

Electrical Data:
 Power: 9 - 15 volt DC
 Power consumption: 1.5 watts
Data output:
 Data Speed: 38400 baud (default)
 Format: NMEA 0183 version 3
 NMEA output data format: VDM, standard GPS sentences (SR162G only)
 Frequency: AIS1 161.975 MHz, AIS2 162.025 MHz
 Sensitivity: -112dBm
 Antenna impedance: 50 ohm
 GPS: 12 channel integrated GPS receiver (SR162G only)
Physical data:
 L x W x H: 115 x 75 x 28 (mm)
 Weight: 400g
 Antenna Connectors: VHF BNC, GPS antenna port (SR162G only)
 Data output port: 9 pin D-sub connector RS-232 serial