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was established in 2008 in Izmit to provide products, services and consultancy services in the field of structural cabling and security. Located in major projects in Turkey and the region EMTEKNO, in the high-voltage power line OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) Additional carries out the measurement and testing activities.

As EMTEKNO DEFENSE in 2011, field of the Defense industry for Land, Sea and Air vehicles;

  • Product Design and Development,
  • System Integration,
  • Modification,
  • Maintenance and repair,
  • Logistic Support

started to serve in its fields. EMTEKNO Defense also directed high-tech product design and production projects.

In carrying out our activities, we want to establish a sustainable relationship with the institutions we offer products and services based on solution partnership rather than customer-supplier approach. We care about mutual trust in our work. For a sustainable economy, we are respecting society, individual, and being committed to ethical values. We want to present the knowledge and experience we have gained during our lives to the benefit of society.

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